Because we think
Of everyone

Why Global Advanced Technology?

Our startups blindly obey the main criteria for a successful application.

Modern Interface

Interface based on material design to provide a pleasant environment.

Easy to use

We respect UI/UX design standards to make your application easier to use.

Automatic Updates

Thinking about the evolution and maintenance of your application, we guarantee updates in real time.


We have ready solutions for the most diverse problems of the digital market.

Horizon is a mobile application with payment solutions and Transfers Through a Smartphone or Tablet.

The application performs payments, receipts and transfers. Through it, you can pay for your purchases in online stores, restaurants or even taxi rides, among others.

Envoyer is a cross-platform application with bulk email marketing and sms solutions.

With it it is possible to send e-mails and sms to more than 2000 recipients per minute in order to facilitate your campaigns and advertisements.

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